Not Just a Token This is a Reinvention of Capital Markets

100% Community Driven

Community driven & fair launch.

Inclusive Growth

Everyone benefits from the trade

Compounding Rewards

Earns passive rewards through exchange.

GBIT Ecosystem

ROI, Appreciation, Limited Supply

DeFi is a the high growth end of the Crypto world, the promise of huge returns leading to failure, resurrection and failure in an endless cycle, not at GBIT we control a total of 10 very different Cryptocurrencies, they are launched in turn as we take concept to proof of concept and then to market.

Limited Supply

5m only, no more ever, impossible to expand. 5m set in stone for all eternity.

Continued Growth of Governed Coins

GBIT has 10 different Cryptocurrencies and is building more to meet the needs of a changing world, this continued expansion creates the ROI and Appreciation for GBIT.


Total Supply: 5,000,000 Funding of Development: 1,000,000 Fair Launch Supply: 4,000,000

GBIT Protocol

GBIT is the Central Bank of our Ecosystem Fees all Cryptos = redistributed to all existing holders New Cryptos = Auto-Distribution of 5% of Total Tokens

Road Map

Q4 2020

Engineered GBITS infrastructure and funded internally and the balance to treasury,along with other fundamental design and construction.

Q1 2021
Implementation Phase

Implemented BEP20 protocols and in-house interfaces to allow for trading, voting and the development of value partners including the potential acquisition of other Altcoins and Governance Units.

Q2 2021
Onboarding Partners

Mergers begin with Knightsbridge, HOPE, BUDCOIN and the scale of the exercise explodes.

Q3 2021
Tentative full public launch

Launching GBITS Synthetic Assets. It will allow a variety of synthetic cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and other assets such as gold and silver that are in demand to be traded.

Q4 2021
Operational Version

Full public and operational launch time frame for GBITS Synthetic Assets on our In house Exchange.