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Beta Program

Knightsbridge is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) initiative at the forefront of innovation in Fintech using blockchain and other proprietary protocols to allow people to not only use services like brokerage, banking and investing but to also participate directly in earning money in a way previously only available to Financial Institutions.

As we build out the environment we need real world members to help us recognize and resolve issues in the technology and the processes, so for a limited number of people we offer a revenue stream not only from their referrals but from the complete downline that is created from those referrals.

Knightsbridge offers many benefits to members aside from their ability to gain a strong APR, it also allows them if they wish, to trade markets including Crypto, to maintain a fixed investment and earn interest, to participate in AirDrops of Crypto Currency and Stocks as well as the ability to make transfers to others internationally (Minimum Balance $50,000) all from a single platform.

As the application develops (2.0 Release 6-6-21) we intend to add a great many more commoditized products, this would give people the ability to list anything for trading provided it is verifiable, legal, and can be monitored by our compliance staff, race horses, Air Time on Private Jets, Hotel Rooms and Corporations are just some of the things that will be available over the next 12 months.

This would create an Amazon of Tradable Items that have been thoroughly vetted and approved by our compliance team, every listing and every trade directly benefits members as they are participating in that revenue stream.

How the Accounts Work

There are various minimum levels for a person or corporation to become involved. The amount invested, $100 to $500,000 goes in to your account and is available for trading, investing or purchases within the environment.

There is no lock up period on that investment, should you choose to take advantage of the Crypto farming then there are choices as to how long you will be invested for in advance.

Referral Income

By using your referral link you can build an income and a residual income on investors brought onboard, for thos in the Beta testing they will receive that benefit plus a residual income from everyone in that downline for 12months, for those generating over $100,000 in the Beta program that timeframe will be extended to a permanent residual income.