Welcome to GBIT

We are a Blockchain based digital ecosystem.

Welcome to GBIT

Non Politicized Money

Money was originally envisaged as a unit of exchange, a measure of value and a store of wealth, but in the modern world those original goals have been replaced as governments print money to cover their spending, they manipulate interest rates and FX rates for domestic and international trade purposes and the money that the individual has suffers as a consequence. What was once your money is no longer yours, it is an asset whose value is determined by the government of the day and the use of those funds is restricted depending on what country has issued that currency.

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What is GBIT?

An Overview of What is GBIT

Over the next decade the crypto-economy will exceed 10 trillion dollars. Cryptobanks and Cryptocurrencies will become a cornerstone in the relations between decentralized economy and future daily life by expanding payment infrastructure and possibilities, creating new cryptocurrency payments scenarios and lowering interest rates.

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Token Sale

Once you've entered into our ecosystem, you can buy and sell many Tokens including GBIT.

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Road Map

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2016 January

Start of an idea.

In 2016 We began running economic and financial models to create a one of a kind Cryptocurrency that would represent a move back in banking to the times of real asset backed economies. We also wanted to deliver our Cyber Citizens a direct interest in the growth of the digital economy housed within G-Bit. The G in G-Bit stands for Global, we are on the path to building a digital economy with Cyber Citizens for the benefits.

2017 January


With our economic and financial models completed we began developing the operational charter of our digital version of a central bank. A central bank for the people, a place that operated outside of the political climate of the day for the long term growth of the value in our Crypto.

2017 October

Token Creation

We started to build the Smart Contract Token, now that all the research was completed and rules in place we were also able to begin building an exchange like no other.

2017 December

Founders Club

The founders club opened, much like the original establishment of the USA we have a group of Founding Fathers, those members have founders club tokens, only 7m of the 100m tokens are for the founding members and they have special rights as to drafting the future, once they sell or leave the environment those rights return to the general population.

2018 January

The Start

We started to gain founding members and develop the exchange, a core unit of the over all plan, we have also attracted outside corporations and Crypto's who will trade on our exchange provided they are permitted to do so under the laws of their respective countries.

2018 April

Testing Phase

We are in advanced testing mode on the exchange and the environment, we have in place the core architecture we require and are now running scalability models.

2018 June

Global Domination

With our core systems in place we will begin marketing to Crypto owners and Crypto merchants to shift to the G-Bit environment, we will release new and exciting benefits and applications. Advertising will commence.

Powered By People

The GBIT team gives power to you.

We the People promote the general Welfare, Liberty and Prosperity of our Citizenry, do ordain and establish this electronic nation for the common good of all that elect to join us, those who do not wish to be bound by the chains of modern government and suffer at the hands of the world's Politically driven Central Bankers, those brave enough to say no, this is not your money, this is my money, this is my freedom, this is my future, you can not control me, this is Sparta .

Frequently Ask Questions

GBIT is an ERC20 token so it will be visible in your Ethereum Wallet. You can also go to and check your wallet for your GBITs.
If you didn't got your tokens then please contact us from our contact page and mention your details.

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