GBIT Token

Community Driven Governance Token

100% Community Driven

Community driven & fair launch.

Inclusive Growth

Everyone benefits from the trade

Compounding Rewards

Earns passive rewards through exchange.

GBIT Ecosystem

ROI, Appreciation, Limited Supply

DeFi is a the high growth end of the Crypto world, the promise of huge returns leading to failure, resurrection and failure in an endless cycle, not at GBIT we control a total of 10 very different Cryptocurrencies, they are launched in turn as we take concept to proof of concept and then to market.

Limited Supply

5m only, no more ever, impossible to expand. 5m set in stone for all eternity.

Continued Growth of Governed Coins

GBIT has 10 different Cryptocurrencies and is building more to meet the needs of a changing world, this continued expansion creates the ROI and Appreciation for GBIT.


Total Supply: 5,000,000 Funding of Development: 1,000,000 Fair Launch Supply: 4,000,000

GBIT Protocol

GBIT is the Central Bank of our Ecosystem Fees all Cryptos = redistributed to all existing holders New Cryptos = Auto-Distribution of 5% of Total Tokens

Road Map

Q3 2017
Protocol Initialized

Initial Launch and ICO. Whitepaper Published.

Q2 2018
The Initial Push

Listing in exchanges and coinmarket website.

Q3 2018
Holding the Line

After the crypto crash we held tightly.

Q4 2021
To the Moon!

Product Launch and we enter the NFT Marketplace.